Copper return bends are steadfastly constructed from wrot copper material to make them corrosion resistant and enable them last longer. The bends are manufactured by ASTM specifications and in particular TP2 raw material. The bends have solder joint contacts for leak-proof installations. The sizes range from 1/4 x 1-1/2 inch to 2 x 5-1/2 inch. The connection type varies with the model.

Copper U-bends are commonly referred to as return bends, and they are among the main components of the fin-and-tube heat exchangers. Our plant manufactures copper return blend, copper u- bends and cu-tripods. They are available 1.6 mm and 1.8 mm brazen rings. The technical details are:

Technical details

Expansion and Contraction

For most low-pressure heating systems that employ copper tubes, provisions for contractions and expansion is relatively easy. All the branches, rivers and mains should not be floating at any given time. The holes have to be large to permit movement within the tubes. Bending soft copper tubes is one way of making an expansion loop.

We provide copper return bends in wrot copper with our fittings engineered by the most reputable and experienced players in the industry.

Installation Tips

To obtain the best results, heat the joints as soon as possible after assembly. Use hot water to flush the system after subsequent heating and cooling.  Furthermore, you should ensure that there is sufficient ventilation during heating. Dismantle any joints not heated during the day and then clean and reflux them before assembly.


Always apply sufficient flux to both the inside and inside surface of a socket. Soldered joints can only be reliable if the flux used is appropriate. All fluxes are corrosive, and therefore special care has to be accorded in selecting a particular flux. Never use your hands to apply the flux.

Our engineered copper u-bends are made of high-quality copper. They are ideal to return the flow of fluids at 180 degrees in a limited space. The U- shaped tubes are appropriate for evaporators and condensers.

Product Application

Don’t stress yourself on the best copper return bend or other refrigeration access valve to use for your refrigerator. We have the solution for you. Just contact us!!!